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All you need to know about MEDICAID

Medicaid is a federally run medical coverage program that provides aid to people who are disabled, 65 years old or above, and with a minimum asset and income which does not meet the thresholds set by the government or state. Roughly, around 65 million American citizens are subscribed to Medicaid. Medicaid can assist you if – You do not make…

All you need to know about private home care

Private home care is a subcategory which falls under the general home care. Where you have to appoint agencies such as Mir Home Care.

Home Health Care for Medicare Patients

Home Health Care for Medicare Patients

Now you can get the necessary health care treatments which were once only offered in the hospitals are now available for you in the comfort of your home. Home health care costs less than regular hospital health care facilities, it is just as fruitful and it is more convenient as you will get all the necessary service inside your own…

Home Care can impact a life

Struggling with chores in day-to-day life is tough. Living independently is possible with some assistance. Here at Mir Home Care, we understand the value of care and how it can have an impact on life in the most positive manner. We also understand the fact that daily assistance can be required in a variety of manner. From meal preparation, maintaining hygiene to simple supervision our expertise lies in giving the utmost care to the required individuals. Therefore, we carefully get to know our clients and make a customized plan according to the needs of our clients. We provide the best home care at the most affordable price in Georgia, as we understand the essence and pulse of this beautiful state.