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All you need to know about MEDICAID

Medicaid is a federally run medical coverage program that provides aid to people who are disabled, 65 years old or above, and with a minimum asset and income which does not meet the thresholds set by the government or state. Roughly, around 65 million American citizens are subscribed to Medicaid. Medicaid can assist you if – You do not make…

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Joe Biden’s 775 Billion Dollar ‘CaregivingEconomy’

The Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden unveiled his new tax credit Proposal to expand support for those who care for children, seniors, and disabled people. He detailed his plan in a speech Tuesday. It is part of the economic platform plank “BUILD BACK BETTER” the former vice president is rolling out before the Democratic National Convention convenes in August. In…

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Coronavirus, who's at risk

COVID19, The Latest Killer, Who’s most at Risk?

The outbreak of the Coronavirus, also known as CVOID-19, quickly spread around the world by air travelers, who ran high fevers while-in close proximity of others. It is a respiratory virus infection and has tainted people in specific territories; few know how or where they were contaminated.

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