The outbreak of the Coronavirus, also known as CVOID-19, quickly spread around the world by air travelers, who ran high fevers while-in close proximity of others. It is a respiratory virus infection and has tainted people in specific territories; few know how or where they were contaminated. Public health organization has declared COVID-19 disease a pandemic and estimates that some 110 million Americans expected to become ill, leading to 7.7 million hospitalized.

COVID-19 is a very distinct disease, causing an ongoing flare-up of respiratory illnesses. Experts say those who have tested positive reported suffering high fever, coughing, and breathing difficulties.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) declared a global pandemic in early March. The fast spread of this new virus has experts around the world franticly working to develop a vaccine for preventing and treating the illness. Some have recommended “repurposing” drugs. However, Dr. David Ho, who is leading the team of four scientists developing a cure for the disease said, “It would be doubtful that licensed medicine would work as a preventive for COVID-19 disease”, he said they would have to be extremely lucky to find an authorized cure that would work. Neither antibiotics, nor the antiviral drugs used against the flu or common cold will work, there simply are no current vaccines that will work against COVD-19. For those affected, recovery time depends on the strength of one’s immune system.

The most significant concerns are how the flare-up of COVD-19 pandemic disease will influence almost everyone in the country and have long-lasting effects on the entire economy before being contained. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s leading expert on infectious disease, stated at a recent news briefing that “Things Will Get Worse.”

Another key unknown is we don’t have the foggiest idea of how savage this new coronavirus can be. Local, State, and Federal government officials have issued precautionary health and safety warning to all communities. Public and private businesses have recommended that employees work from home whenever possible. Schools have closed; children are required to complete assignments online.

“My eleven-year-old grandson completed the online work, and then demanded to go outside because his instructions were to do 30mins of exercises! He played basketball (lol)
In my neighborhood, recreational facilities and parks are open to walking in small groups. Restaurants are open for take-out only, and emergency services are operating with a limited supply of necessary equipment (gloves, masks, sanitizers), they ask that all calls are indeed emergencies, reframe from “my cat is stuck in a tree calls.”

According to the New York Times, New data from the Centers for Disease Control shows that nearly 40 percent of patients sick enough to be hospitalized were age 20 to 54. But the risk of dying was significantly higher in older people. WHO estimates that people beyond 60 years old are at a greater danger of building up an extreme instance of COVID-19 disease; the most elevated demise rate is in individuals over the age of 80.

Most noteworthy is the impact COVID-19 is having on those with underlying illnesses/ailments, those confined to hospitals, nursing homes, and rehab facilities, restricting visitation from loved ones, fearing outside visits would only increase the risk of spreading the virus, leaving those receiving In-Home Care and their families to consider what additional safety measures they should take.

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