Now you can get the necessary health care treatments which were once only offered in the hospitals are now available for you in the comfort of your home. Home health care costs less than regular hospital health care facilities, it is just as fruitful and it is more convenient as you will get all the necessary service inside your own home. Home health care sets to provide you with assistance in regaining your independence and become as self-sufficient as possible. Meanwhile, home health care tries to maintain your current physical condition with zero to slow decline.

Medicare health plans pay for the home health care that you need If you are eligible to meet certain criteria.

The eligibility criteria are:

  • If you have a doctor who have met you face-to-face created a care plan detailing the services that you need.
  • You are certified homebound by your doctor.
  • Your doctor and the agency you chose, for your home health care, both participate in Medicare.
  • If you only need temporary sporadic services which are expected to improve your conditions.

When approved Medicare usually covers the following services.

  • License skilled nurse will give an in-home visit for attending wound care or tube feedings.
  • Visits for medical social care to help you cope with emotional and social issues surrounding your medical condition.
  • While receiving care from the nurse, you will receive home health aide services.
  • Therapy for physical, occupational and speech language.

If you are subscribed to Medicare advantage you shall receive other additional home care service coverage, including.

  • Day care services for seniors.
  • Recompensating for devices such as ramps.
  • Transportation services for medical visits.
  • Allowance for medication.

However, there are many services that are not covered under Medicare. These are: H

  • You will not have a 24-hour day-care service at home.
  • You will not have any meals delivered to you.
  • You will not have services like cleaning, shopping or laundry offered to you.

Although, there are services that will be offered to you. But you will be charged separately.

  • Routine foot care
  • 20% of the Medicare-approved amount for Medicare-covered medical equipment.

Therefore, to avoid scenarios that can cause uncertainty you should ask for “Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN)” from the home care agency you chose. They must provide you this written notice explaining clearly the service or supply they will or will not cover. This will help you to understand and have a clear idea of the service that you are about to receive.

These are the following reasons why the agency will not cover the services.

  • The service is not required or is unreasonable medically.
  • The service falls under personal care, like help with bathing and cleaning.
  • You do not need periodical care from skilled nurses.
  • You are not housebound.

You have the right to choose the agency from where you are willing to take the services. Nonetheless, the choice can be limited to the availability of the agencies or your insurance coverage. However, your doctor should honor your choice as long as you choose within the said limitations